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Mindful Oo 

To Love and Care Through Mindfulness Education 

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Love Yourself
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White Sand and Stone

Give me an O, this is for breathing in deeply.

Give me an o, this is for breathing out. 

When you are mindfully doing Oo, you are already on your mindfulness journey.

New! Apr-May 2023

MindfulKids® Certification Course Level 1

The first licensed MindfulKids® program in Canada!


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April 15 | 9:00am

Live Online (6 sessions)

I Care. I Breathe.

Courses We Offer

Mindfulness Education Approach with Fun Activities and Games

A Taste of Mindfulness Workshop

Workshop is an excellent way for participants to experience mindfulness or continue expanding an existing skill. From mindfulness for parenting, children, to corporate employee training, this would be suitable. I am happy to further discuss and make a time to fit your schedules. If you’re interested in exploring the collaboration opportunities, please reach out and we’d be happy to help.

Mindful Story Course for Children and Parents


Our goal is to empower parents through the expansion of knowledge on mindfulness games. This course is a great way to begin the mindfulness journey with fun. We value both the parents, and your precious children. Through this course, we intend to remind parents about self-care and your love to your children. Contact us today to get more information.

MindfulKids® Certification Courses *

  1. MindfulKids® Certificates

  2. CPD UK 18 CPD hours

  3. RSW (HK) CPD scheme 18 credits

  4. RSW (Macau) CPD scheme 18 credits

  5. Eligible to register as a Mindfulness Coach / Teacher @IMMA (for Level 2 and 3)

If you are looking for professional personal growth in mindfulness practices, this program serie is perfect for you. From Level 1, Level 2 to MindfulKids(r) Teacher courses, we offer professional activity-based mindfulness trainings for personal growth, family use, professional practice integration to mindfulness teaching. Global certifications eligible. Interested in enrolling or learning more about this course? Get in touch today, We will answer all your questions.

*MindfulOo is a licensed partner of MindfulKids® courses

Activity-based mindfulness may reframe your understanding on mindfulness.
Care about yourself while you care about others. 

Be mindful. Be kind. Be thankful.

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