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Mindful Oo Team

To Love and Care Through Mindfulness Education.

I Care Therefore I Breathe.

Mindfulness Teacher - Joyce

Joyce So

Mindfulness Teacher

MindfulKids® Master Coach

Master of Education, Canada

MA in Cultural Studies, UK

Experienced Marketer and Communicator

Life Long Learner



+International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance (IMMA) Accredited & Registered Mindfulness Teacher

+MindfulKids® Certified Mindfulness Master Coach

+MindfulKids®, CPD UK, IMMA Accredited Mindfulness Courses Licensed Teacher

+JPHAA Certified Pastel Nagomi Art Advanced Instructor

+ArtClay® Certified Instructor

+Master of Education, Brock University, ON, Canada

+MA in Cultural Studies, University of London, UK

+Bachelor Degree Course Tutor at Open University of Hong Kong (now as Metropolitan University) 

+Experienced Communicators in Healthcare, Chemical industries & NGO

About the Mindfulness Oo Founder - Joyce So

When I first heard of ‘mindfulness’, I did not think that I would be interested in it at all. Only when I knew how mindfulness is supported by scientific research, and how it helps on our emotional recognition with proven positive outcomes, it changed my whole perception on mindfulness.


As an experienced professional communicator for 20+ years, and a graduate of Master of Education, I witness the potential power of mindfulness in education. Therefore, I decided to become a mindfulness teacher, and chose mindfulness in education as my focus research topic in my MEd program. I am dedicated to bring mindfulness to more people and share the fruitful learnings that I have gained from mindfulness with others. My studies focused on mental and emotional wellness by analysing how mindfulness as a transformational learning changes human’s behaviour. Mindfulness in education has already become one of the trends in global education.


I started my formal mindfulness learning when I was having doubts on my parenting direction. As a mother of two, I understand how difficult it is to encourage our own children when children are losing their temperatures, or sometimes when we parents are getting lost in our emotion controls. Mindfulness inspired me how to be a better me, a better parent, a better partner, a better daughter, and even a better human being. I take mindfulness as a life reminder which offers me clearer vision, hearing, smelling, feeling, and touching sense.


As the father of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction), Jon Kabat-Zinn (2003, 2014, 2021) defined mindfulness as a form of non-judgmental and non-reactive attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, including bodily sensations, cognitions, emotions, and urges, as well as environmental stimuli such as sights, sounds, and scents. In simple concept, “awareness at the present moment” is the key concept in mindfulness.


There are nine attitudes of mindfulness: non-judging, patience, beginners’ mind, trust, non-striving, letting go, gratitude, and curiosity. If you may, join me for a taste of activity-based mindfulness practice. Take out your curious mind and give yourself some ‘metime’ to indulge yourself into a loving and caring moment!

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