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Mindful Oo Courses & Programs

Reframing your impression on mindfulness.

A Taste of Mindfulness Workshop

Workshop is an excellent way for participants to experience mindfulness or continue expanding an existing skill. From mindfulness parenting, mindfulness children games, to mindfulness corporate employee trainings, online or in person, this would be suitable. I am happy to further discuss and make a time to fit your schedule. If you’re interested in exploring this collaboration opportunities, please reach out and we’d be happy to help.

Languages Available: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Mindful Story Course for Children and Parents


Our goal is to empower parents through the expansion of knowledge on mindfulness games. This course is a great way to begin the mindfulness journey with fun. We value both the parents, and your precious children. Through this course, we intend to remind parents about self-care and your love to your children. Contact us today to get more information.

Languages Available: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

MindfulKids® Certification Courses*

MindfulKids® Certificates

CPD UK 18 CPD hours

RSW (HK) CPD scheme 18 credits

RSW (Macau) CPD scheme 18 credits​

Eligible to register as a Mindfulness Coach / Teacher @IMMA (for Level 2 and 3)

If you’re looking for professional personal growth in mindfulness practices, this series course is perfect for you. From Level 1, Level 2 MindfulKids(r) Coach courses, we offer professional activity-based mindfulness trainings for personal growth, family use, professional practice integration to mindfulness coaching. Global certifications eligible. Interested in enrolling or learning more about this course? Get in touch today, We will answer all your questions.

Languages Available: English

*MindfulOo is a licensed partner of MindfulKids® courses. Sole course provider in Canada now.

New course in April2023!

About MindfulKids® Certification Courses

"MindfulKids®" certification programs are designed by Victor Ching, a psychologist with over 20 years of experience in meditation and mindfulness experience, who is experienced in serving families and children with ample knowledge in child development and psychology. MindfulKids® is a set of professional activity-based mindfulness training programs, combining the theoretical content of mindfulness as well as mindfulness games and activities. Adopting a flexible and fun approach to teach and learn mindfulness not only for children, but also parents, adults and corporate employees. MindfulKids® training is a secular way of Mindfulness and suitable for Parents, Teachers, Counsellors, Social workers and all professions related to children!

In Hong Kong, MindfulKids® programs are recognised by Voluntary Continuing Professional Development Scheme for Registered Social Worker under Social Worker Registration Board. Delegates can claim CPD credit points upon completion of the programs.

There are 3 levels of MindfulKids® training:

  1. Certificate Level:​ [Open for Enrolment]

    • 18 hours in total: 6 classes, 3 hours each

    • Online classes

    • For self-practice & leading your own children ​doing Mindfulness

    • CPD UK accredited

    • RSW Voluntary CPD Scheme 18 credits (Hong Kong)

  2. Coach Level: [Open for Enrolment]

    • 18 hours in total: 6 classes, 3 hours each

    • Online classes

    • For leading Mindfulness children group​

    • For integrating Mindfulness Into your current professional practice

    • CPD UK accredited

    • RSW Voluntary CPD Scheme 18 credits (Hong Kong)

    • IMMA accredited Mindfulness Coach qualification

  3. Master Coach Level:

    • For teaching & certifying MindfulKids® Certificate & Coach Level

    • CPD UK accredited

    • RSW Voluntary CPD Scheme 18 credits (Hong Kong)

    • IMMA accredited Mindfulness Teacher qualification

*MindfulOo is a licensed partner for delivering MindfulKids® courses level 1 and level 2, as sole course provider in Canada now.

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Our Services


Mindfulness for Parents

MindfulKids® tailored to help parents to deal with the challenges that parents face daily, to cope with the parental stress, having more resources on parenting, and appreciate the children in more creative ways.

We will cover common Mindfulness practices, as well as debriefing from the parents' perspective so that you can enjoy the benefits that Mindfulness brings you, and also able to have a new perspective on your parenting roles.

According to hundreds of our graduates, they reported reduced parenting stress and enhanced parent-child relationship after practicing MindfulKids®.


Mindfulness for children

We will provide some ideas on Mindfulness activities suitable for kids from age 3-12 so that learners can easily lead the practices at home with their kids. Moreover, we encourage learners to create their own Mindfulness activities and interact with their children. Once complete the Certificate level training, learners are able to invent their own Mindfulness games for their children.


Integration & group facilitation

Sporty Girls

We will cover group facilitation skills in Coach level so that learners are able to, not only facilitating their own children to practice Mindfulness, but also capable to lead a Mindfulness practice group for children. As a Mindfulness Coach, learners are able to integrate Mindfulness practice into their own professional practices. For example, a teacher can integrate Mindfulness practice in her daily teaching; a counsellor can use Mindfulness for helping her clients; a social worker can design social workshop for children using Mindfulness techniques.


Social Support

The learners of the course are also being supported by FaceBook group created exclusive for learners and graduates. We formed a community that we can share the practice and experience, as well as exchange the teaching of Mindfulness under different cultural contexts. Also, learners are welcome to send in-box message or email for asking questions so that your learning will be fully supported by the trainer as well as other learners and graduates.



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