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The First Licensed MindfulKids® Certification Course for Canada, UK and Europe!

Take this prime chance to practice activity-based mindfulness at a privileged price!


Why MindfulKids® ?

MindfulKids® certification course series are recognised by CPD in UK as a professional development training program. From Level 1, Level 2 to Level 3, MindfulKids® courses provide practical and applicable mindfulness knowledge and trainings to enable you become a professional coach and professional teacher.

Adopting a flexible and practical approach to teach and learn mindfulness, MindfulKids® is a set of professional activity-based mindfulness training programs, supported with theoretical content. Through designing games and activities, MindfulKids® may reframe your impressions on mindfulness, and refresh you with creative ideas. MindfulKids® training is suitable for Parents, Teachers, Counsellors, Social workers and all individuals who are interested in mindfulness for personal growth, family use, professional practice integration and mindfulness teaching. Global certifications eligible.


Through MindfulKids®, you can see the flexible and interesting side of mindfulness, from how to when and where to why and what the thoughts and feelings in your mind and body.


In this program, we’ll experiment with different methods of practicing mindfulness and give you a chance to design a mindfulness activity:


⇒Principles of mindfulness and mindful tasting

⇒ Self-care and self-awareness through different mindful activities

⇒ Emotions and mindfulness, mindfulness for kids, parents and adults

⇒ Mindful activities design


When: 2023 April 15,22,29 May 6,13,20 (Saturdays)

Time: 9am-12nn (EST - Toronto) / 1-4pm (GMT- London)

Where: Online

How: Register here
 or fill up the form

What: CAD400* (HST included) (original CAD680)

Who: Open to everyone ages 18+


* Official payment receipt can be provided upon request.

IMPORTANT: This mindfulness practice is not based on any religion. This is an online course and practices are suitable for all levels of physical abilities in a safe environment at participants' own choice. However, if you have any concerns about your physical abilities, please speak with your doctor beforehand. Please notify the facilitator of any physical limitations so that she can suggest accommodations if need be. Please bring your own yoga mat, preferred props and a water bottle.


*MindfulOo is a licensed partner of MindfulKids® courses and the sole course provider in Canada and outside Hong Kong.

About MindfulKids® 

Thousands of mindfulness practitioners have attended MindfulKids® certification courses and hundreds of them have become professional mindfulness coaches and teachers. Click here to know more.


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